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求职信范文 英语作文



  Distinguished leadership of your company:


  Due to your company and the longing for self-development, achievement of self-desire, as a society is about to become college students, i sincerely look forward to their own careers on the fan set sail smoothly from here.

  Thinking - a guide for all actions. courses of study not only makes me more determined the direction of socialism, and made me more aware of a keen grasp of the political atmosphere of the times a company vital to the development of enterprises. especially in the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, it was almost reached a consensus: a powerful ideological driving force is one of the components of intangible assets. i am willing to use their own profession and the company is committed to business ideas with colleagues and enhance the company cohesion and combat effectiveness.

  Management - an important aspect of the modern enterprise. people entering the management of the core stage, the study "how a man''s work" indispensable. despite the complexity of the work of man can also have a sense of accomplishment. in addition to information on the ideological education of a large number of professional knowledge, i have a lot of self-study such as business management courses, often through the magazines in this regard, very interested in what the practice in this regard, the theory used in real life.

  Law - the protection of the rights and interests of an effective weapon. to war, businesses will inevitably fall into economic disputes, in order to remove the obstacles to develop the adverse factors, it is necessary to resort to law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. although it is engaged in ideological education, but i also learn a great deal of hard laws and regulations, if the opportunity arises, i hope your company can become a legal service workers, for the company to share problem-solving.

  no man is perfect, so they are active at the same time to correct the shortcomings, i have to "live and learn" as its motto, i do not know your company can give me an opportunity to continue learning?

  Thank you for your concern is whether i am chollima take you to decide by simple desire of shenzhou rocket you will be lucky hands toward me!


  Dear Sir

  I am looking for employment as from the summer of 1989. I am enrolled in the graduate division of the Department of Education at the University of Michigan. My major is Education. I feel qualified to work as a teacher at the primary or secondary level. My teaching experience is quite extensive and varied, but I have concentrated most of all on instruction of physical sciences in middle schools.

  I would be very happy to work within school if this is possible. Since your agency has a fine reputation for helping students locate work, I hope you will be able to provide me with something both remunerative and related to my interests. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Please send me an answer at your earliest convenience.

  Respectfully yours


  Respect leadership:

  I have been told by Mr.John L.Pak,Credit Manager, The Business Book Publishing,New York, with whom I believe you are acquainted,that you are expecting to make some additions to your accounting staff in June.I should like to be considered an applicant for one of these positions.

  You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed with this letter that I have had five years of varied experience in the book business.The panies for which I have worked have given me permission to refer you to them for information about the quality of the work I did while in their employ.

  My work was in the credit department and in the accounting department in both panies,with some experience also in inventory

  control. In both positions,I have been assigned with the daily office administration.The courses taken at Central mercial and the Bronx munity College specifically prepare me for doing the accounting required in your department.

  I hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you.If there is further information that you wish in the meantime,please let me know.I can always be reached at the address given at the beginning of this letter.

  Very truly yours,

英语作文 求职信范文



  Dear Sir,

  I am XX school, vehicle inspection and maintenance of professional college graduates, is about to walk into society, I with a sincere heart and to the persistent pursuit of career, sincerely to recommend myself!

  In the three years of study life, I to his keen, enterprising, respect work and enjoy company and helpful attitude and performance won the trust and praise from the teachers and students, and constantly strengthen the ideological and political learning, positive to the party. In learning, I not only made the "diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative" style of study, and adhere to professional and non-professional hand in guiding ideology, efforts to broaden knowledge, establish rational knowledge structure, to adapt to the needs of the development of the society for talents.

  I also have served as a monitor, also served as a student cadre work, has the strong ability of class management, activity organization planning ability and interpersonal skills. Take an active part in all kinds of style, social practice at the same time, also have good performance in the aspect of literature and art and sports.

  Three years of college I became a has a more solid basis of knowledge and professional knowledge of college students.

  Of course, the achievement of the past does not represent the future, diligence is the real meaning, is the rose flower, always is the eagle will soar aloft. Looks like I will not ask, but beg in suits own position play incisively and vividly. I don't expect is rich in material treatment, only hope with all my wisdom, enthusiasm and efforts to achieve my social value and the value of life.

  I just going out from the ivory tower, as a college student, I lack of experience may make you hesitate, but please you believe my energy will make up for this temporary shortage, maybe I'm not the best, but I definitely is the most efforts, I believe that as long as the heart, is bound to be successful!


  Dear Ms. Brown,

  Finance, Inc. was listed on Cleveland Universitys career webpage for summer internships. I believe that Finance, Incs summer internship is an ideal opportunity for students.

  As a junior at Cleveland University, I am learning about the technical side of accounting through a rigorous accounting course load. In addition, I am learning to be a team player and to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. For example, in my marketing class, I did a group presentation on Starbucks. We had one week to evaluate Starbucks financial position, future opportunities, and recommend a strategy for Starbucks to compete well against Caribou Coffee. Working with group members that have conflicting opinions was quite challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding for me. Likewise, projects that I have completed at Creative Solutions Inc., and the Cleveland Municipal Water District further enhanced my accounting skills as well as offered insights into different aspects of the business world. My responsibilities included bookkeeping for thousands of dollars. At Finance, Inc., I would also like to make a contribution by using my outstanding analytical skills and be challenged to work to my potential by working with diverse clientele. In addition, I look forward to understanding more about Finance, Incs role in business.

  I respect Finance, Inc's excellence in quality and support and believe that I can meet these standards as a summer intern. I want to be challenged and learn firsthand about business. I am looking forward to further discussing the challenges and rewards of working for Finance, Inc.

  Thank you for your consideration.



  Dear Sir:

  First of all, thank you for your busy schedule to read my resume down, when you open the resume personally, I will be reviewing the past efforts; when you finally close the resume and perhaps will The new decision of my life journey.

  My name is xxx a ** to be graduated from the Baoji College of Arts and Science in Human Resource Management students. To take this career, I with a sincere heart and pursuit of the cause, in good faith, recommend their own. I know only a few sentences outlining a complete itself is not easy. I really just want to use the language of the most pure, introduced themselves as comprehensively as possible to your organizations job to express the most sincere desire. Sincere desire to be able to join your organization, a building block for your organization tomorrow, but your organization is willing to contribute their youth and wisdom.

  While studying at the school system to study the human resources management professional theoretical knowledge, but also a positive constant, based on solid, professional for the breadth and depth. The use of Baoji College of Arts and Science of the advantages of integrated institutions, usually outside of professional books to read to improve the inpiduals self-cultivation, to make their own talents to the complex direction. After school hours, to strengthen the physical training, so they have a healthy physical learning and working.

  I know very well that in todays society, apart from the empty theory is not enough, the need to apply the theory to practice, during the school has been actively participating in various activities to improve their ability to work with a strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard, honest, confident, dedicated. And down-to-earth every effort to do one thing. Professional military industrial complex in Shaanxi Shaanxi Electric open practice their theoretical knowledge to learn and practice.

  The past does not mean that the future is the true meaning of hard work, practical work for I believe that I was able to quickly adapt to working environment, familiar with the business, and in practical work, keep on learning and improving themselves, do their jobs.

  "I think HUAI fighting fear, want to get sun on the sky."




  Dear Mr. Hanks:

  I am writing to apply for the Client Account Coordinator, which was advertised May 4th with the Career Services Center at Florida State University. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. I believe that I have the training, experience and qualities that you are looking for.

  What is more, my major is computer, and I have a strong interest in software.When I was still a freshman, I got Band Two certificate for computer, which was outstanding in my class. Besides, I have attended various computer contests and won top prizes several times, which greatly enriched my knowledge on computer. Finally, I had once worked part-timely in a company for two years, and I gained wide experience in software in these two years.These are skills I developed both in my course work and in my recent internship at Liberty Mutual, Inc. in Orlando, Florida.

  Your job description suggests that our relationship could be mutually beneficial. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively, and I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic, nationally recognized investment management firm.

  I would be pleased if you could offer me an opportunity to interview me. Looking forward to your reply.

  Sincerely yours


  Dear leaders:


  Sichuan University, I am a mechanical XXXX graduates XX. Thank you for your busy schedule to take some time to read this, I recommended materials, provided me with a chance of success.

  University during the period, in line with the attitude of rigorous study, I focus on learning the actual abilities, professional knowledge and practice, and actively participate in various social activities will be used to practice I have learned to continuously improve their work ability to carry out various tasks for the future and lay a solid foundation. In English, I passed the nationalexamination three English, have good listening, speaking, writing and translation capabilities. In the computer, I learn a wide range of computer hardware and software knowledge, can skilled use of pro / e, CAD software, and through a national computer-level examination, at the same time have some knowledge about the Internet, can effectively use the Internet resources.

  With self-confidence, I recommend myself to you, if your company had the honor to become a member of, I would like to start from a young age, starting from now on, open-minded dedication, hard work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative, creativity, hard Tim was a development of the company's luster.

  Finally, once again Thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your reply as soon as possible. Your organization would like to prosperity!

  People put themselves forward


  Dear Sir,

  I take liberty to write you in the hope that you might need someone to fill in for you . I feel that I am qualified as an administrator.

  I am currently a student at college, I have over a month more to complete before I graduate. My major is business administration.

  I have excellent grades in all my subjects. If you wish to look at these information it will be sent to you later.

  I have worked at a trading company as a secretary, but I hope to seek more responsible employment.

  I am 25 years old and very honest and dependable. If you need someone with my qualifications, please let me know.

  Thank you very much for your kind attention.

  Sincerely yours,


  上面的这则例子中的读音差别引起的误会还无关紧要,顶多劳动劳动大家“哈哈”一笑了之。但这种误会如果发生在硝烟弥漫,枪林弹雨的战场上,那将会酿成多么严重的后果呀!试想:在前沿阵地上,一位广东籍的指挥用难懂的潮州话向战士们传达作战命令,可战士们一听三不知,丈二和尚摸不着头脑,结果由于没有领会作战意图,而乱打乱冲,白白地牺牲了许多战士,付出了惨重的代价!可这一切都是语言隔阂造成的呀,为了避免这不堪设想的悲剧发生,惟一的办法,就是要大力提倡说普通话。 普通话是按汉语拼音的音节拼读发音的,简单易学,优点显著,是我国的标准语言。为了推广普通话,首先应该从现在的学生抓起,坚持上课用普通话,多读多练;再分批对一些成人进行补习,并在广播,电视里举办汉语拼音讲座„„






  据史料记载,我国最早的“雅言”是以周朝地方语言为基础,周朝的国都丰镐(今 西安西北)地区的语言为当时的全国雅言。孔子在鲁国讲学,他的三千弟子来自四面八方,孔子正是用雅言来讲学的。《论语·述而第七》中说:“子所雅言,《诗》《书》、执礼,皆雅言也。”

  周以后,各朝随着国都的迁移,雅言的基础方言也随之修正,但多数仍以京城语言为标准。 普通话并不是古代正宗的汉语,而是变味的汉语。



  当时的外国传教士进入北京时,曾把北京人讲的明朝官话的拼音记录下来,发现只有z c s ,没有zh ch sh ,是典型的吴语特征。





  后来民国政府投票。普通话比四川话多了一票成为了国语。其实四川话和普通话是同一种语系的语言,只是腔调不同而已,能听懂普通话的人也能听懂四川话。 (注:这是以讹传讹,实际上是由专门机构,一个字一个字的定音)


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